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registerStep(ETLStep) - Method in interface com.hof.mi.etl.runner.status.ETLProcessStatus
Register an ETLStep object for recording status.
registerStep(ETLStep) - Method in class com.hof.mi.etl.runner.status.ETLProcessStatusImpl
removeDefaultMetadataField(String) - Method in class com.hof.mi.etl.step.AbstractETLStep
removeDefaultMetadataField(String) - Method in interface com.hof.mi.etl.step.ETLStep
Remove a Default Metadata Field from this step.
replaceDefaultField(ETLStepMetadataFieldBean) - Method in class com.hof.mi.etl.step.AbstractETLStep
This method 'replaces' a default field with another one.
REPLACEFIELD_KEY - Static variable in class com.hof.mi.etl.step.AbstractGroupedDataInlineStep
reset() - Method in interface com.hof.mi.etl.runner.ETLStepResult
Clear all added rows.
reset() - Method in class com.hof.mi.etl.runner.ETLStepResultImpl
reset() - Method in interface com.hof.mi.etl.runner.ETLStepResults
Reset data for every ETLStepResult in this instance of ETLStepResults
reset() - Method in class com.hof.mi.etl.runner.ETLStepResultsImpl
resetEBChangeStat() - Method in class com.hof.mi.etl.data.ETLStepBean
resetEBChangeStat() - Method in class com.hof.mi.etl.data.ETLStepMetadataFieldBean
response - Variable in class com.hof.parameters.ParameterValueLoader
restoreReplacedField(ETLStepMetadataFieldBean) - Method in class com.hof.mi.etl.step.AbstractETLStep
This method restores the original replaced field back into it's place and removes the replacement field.
row(Object[], String) - Method in class com.hof.mi.etl.step.AbstractETLCachedStep
Cache a row of data from an input step.
row(Object[], String) - Method in class com.hof.mi.etl.step.AbstractETLRowStep
row(Object[], String) - Method in interface com.hof.mi.etl.step.ETLStep
Process a row of data received from the specified input flow.
rowProcessed(String) - Method in interface com.hof.mi.etl.runner.status.ETLStepStatus
Indicate that a row has been processed on a given flow.
rowProcessed(String) - Method in class com.hof.mi.etl.runner.status.ETLStepStatusImpl
run() - Method in interface com.hof.mi.etl.runner.ETLRunner
Begin running the ETL process
run() - Method in class com.hof.mi.etl.runner.ETLRunnerImpl