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hasErrors() - Method in interface com.hof.mi.etl.runner.status.ETLProcessStatus
Were there unhandled errors in execution?
hasErrors() - Method in class com.hof.mi.etl.runner.status.ETLProcessStatusImpl
hasErrors() - Method in interface com.hof.mi.etl.runner.status.ETLStepStatus
Were there any unhandled errors?
hasErrors() - Method in class com.hof.mi.etl.runner.status.ETLStepStatusImpl
hasExceededErrorThreshold() - Method in class com.hof.mi.etl.runner.AbstractETLRunContext
hasExceededErrorThreshold() - Method in interface com.hof.mi.etl.runner.ETLRunContext
True if the number of errors in this execution has exceeded the error threshold
hashCode() - Method in class com.hof.mi.etl.data.ETLStepBean
hashCode() - Method in class com.hof.mi.etl.data.ETLStepMetadataFieldBean
hasPendingDependency() - Method in class com.hof.mi.etl.step.AbstractETLStep
Are there any dependent input steps which have not finished executing?