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fieldWire - Variable in class com.hof.mi.etl.step.AbstractGroupedDataInlineStep
FileUploadParameter - Class in com.hof.parameters
Helper class to generate a file upload parameter for use in ParameterPanelCollection, will setup all the fields that the client-side needs automatically
FileUploadParameter(String, String, String, String) - Constructor for class com.hof.parameters.FileUploadParameter
FileUploadParameter(String, String, String, SessionBean, String) - Constructor for class com.hof.parameters.FileUploadParameter
filterPredicates - Variable in class com.hof.mi.etl.step.AbstractGroupedDataInlineStep
FILTERS_KEY_PREFIX - Static variable in class com.hof.mi.etl.step.AbstractGroupedDataInlineStep
flowFinished(String) - Method in class com.hof.mi.etl.step.AbstractETLStep
Record that an input flow has finished sending data to this step.
fromJson(String) - Static method in class com.hof.mi.etl.runner.status.ETLProcessStatusImpl
Convert a JSON string to an instance of ETLProcessStatusImpl.