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includeDefaultField(String, Integer) - Method in class com.hof.mi.etl.step.AbstractETLStep
Sets stepIncludeField to true on the given field.
incrementErrorCount() - Method in class com.hof.mi.etl.runner.AbstractETLRunContext
incrementErrorCount() - Method in interface com.hof.mi.etl.runner.ETLRunContext
Increment by 1, the number of errors in the current execution.
InputType - Enum in com.hof.parameters
isAddButtonAsItem() - Method in class com.hof.parameters.ListOptions
isAutoSave() - Method in class com.hof.parameters.GeneralPanelOptions
isComplete() - Method in interface com.hof.mi.etl.runner.status.ETLProcessStatus
True if the process has finished executing.
isComplete() - Method in class com.hof.mi.etl.runner.status.ETLProcessStatusImpl
isComplete() - Method in interface com.hof.mi.etl.runner.status.ETLStepStatus
True when the step has finished.
isComplete() - Method in class com.hof.mi.etl.runner.status.ETLStepStatusImpl
isDynamic() - Method in class com.hof.parameters.ParameterSection
isEmpty() - Method in interface com.hof.mi.etl.runner.ETLStepResult
Return true if there is no data.
isEmpty() - Method in class com.hof.mi.etl.runner.ETLStepResultImpl
isEmpty() - Method in interface com.hof.mi.etl.runner.ETLStepResults
Are there any results?
isEmpty() - Method in class com.hof.mi.etl.runner.ETLStepResultsImpl
isEnabled() - Method in class com.hof.mi.etl.step.AbstractETLStep
A step implementation may override to enable/disable itself.
isEnabled() - Method in interface com.hof.mi.etl.step.ETLStep
Is this step enabled?
isExpandable() - Method in class com.hof.parameters.GeneralPanelOptions
isExpanded() - Method in class com.hof.parameters.GeneralPanelOptions
isGeneratedField(ETLStepMetadataFieldBean) - Method in class com.hof.mi.etl.step.AbstractETLStep
Is the field generated by the step?
isGreaterThan() - Method in class com.hof.parameters.ParameterValidation
isGreaterThanOrEqual() - Method in class com.hof.parameters.ParameterValidation
isHideAddWhenListEmpty() - Method in class com.hof.parameters.ListOptions
isLessThan() - Method in class com.hof.parameters.ParameterValidation
isLessThanOrEqual() - Method in class com.hof.parameters.ParameterValidation
isList() - Method in interface com.hof.parameters.Parameter
Will this parameter generate a list of the defined parameter type E.g Do you want a list of textboxes that can be added to forever
isList() - Method in class com.hof.parameters.ParameterImpl
isMainInputFlow(String) - Method in class com.hof.mi.etl.step.AbstractETLStep
Is this the "main" input flow?
isMaxValue() - Method in class com.hof.parameters.ParameterValidation
isMinValue() - Method in class com.hof.parameters.ParameterValidation
isNegative() - Method in class com.hof.parameters.ParameterDisplayRule
Determines if we are searching for the value, or not for the value For example values: ['5'] negative: false the if statement would be if(i == 5) values: ['5'], negative:true The if statement would be if(i != 5)
isNotEmpty() - Method in class com.hof.parameters.ParameterValidation
isNumeric() - Method in class com.hof.parameters.ParameterValidation
isOnlyDeleteLastItem() - Method in class com.hof.parameters.ListOptions
isParameterDisplayedAsSubMenu() - Method in class com.hof.mi.etl.step.AbstractETLInlineRowStep
isParameterDisplayedAsSubMenu() - Method in interface com.hof.mi.etl.step.ETLInlineStep
isReadOnly() - Method in interface com.hof.parameters.Parameter
Should the user be able to edit this, or will it just be for display
isReadOnly() - Method in class com.hof.parameters.ParameterImpl
isReplacementField(ETLStepMetadataFieldBean) - Method in class com.hof.mi.etl.step.AbstractETLStep
Is this field being used as a 'replacement' for another field?
isResetButton() - Method in class com.hof.parameters.GeneralPanelOptions
isSaveButton() - Method in class com.hof.parameters.GeneralPanelOptions
isSaveOnClose() - Method in class com.hof.parameters.GeneralPanelOptions
isShowName() - Method in class com.hof.parameters.GeneralPanelOptions
isStepIncludeField() - Method in class com.hof.mi.etl.data.ETLStepMetadataFieldBean
isUserIncludeField() - Method in class com.hof.mi.etl.data.ETLStepMetadataFieldBean
iterator() - Method in interface com.hof.mi.etl.cache.ETLDataCache
iterator() - Method in class com.hof.mi.etl.cache.ETLMemDataCache